Fixture List


27th – 28th April Opening Chukkas



Sat 4th – Mon 6th May 3’s Challenge Cup Club Weekend

Sat 11th – Sun 12th May Casey’s Cup 0 Goal

Sat 18th – Sun 19th May Bluebell Trophy 0-2

Sat 25th – Mon 27th May Havilland Cup 0 Goal



Sat 1st – Sun 2nd June Jubilee Cup 0-2

Sat 8th – Sun 9th June Gaucho Cup 0 Goal

Friday 14th June HFS Milbourne Corporate Day

Sat 15th – Sun 16th June 3’s Challenge Cup Club Weekend

Sat 22nd – Sun 23rd June Uber 0 Goal Challenge 0 Goal

Sat 29th – Sun 30th June Cody’s Challenge 0-2



Sat 6th – Sun 7th July Colin’s Cup 0 Goal

Sat 13th – Sun 14th July Jay’s Trophy 2 Goal

Fri 19th – Sat 20th July Ewhurst Challenge 0 Goal

Sun 21st July Gold Cup Final

Sat 27th – Sun 28th July 3’s Challenge Cup Club Weekend

Sat 27th July International Polo Day



Sat 3rd – Sun 4th August Odds and Sods 0 Goal

Sat 10th – Sun 11th August August Challenge 0 Goal

Sat 17th – Sun 18th August Erin’s Plate 0-2

Sat 24th – Mon 26th August 3’s Challenge Cup Club Weekend



Sat 31st – Sun 1st Sept Stable Challenge 0 Goal

Sat 7th – Sun 8th Sept September Cup 0 Goal

Sat 14th – Sun 15th Sept End of Season 0-2

Sat 21st – Sun 22nd Sept 3’s Challenge Cup Club Weekend

Sat 28th – Sun 29th Sept Farewell Cup 0 Goal